A few words about us

Karawan-e-Islami International -- the caravan of caravans.

Karwan-e-Islami is such an institution that the indenting hajjis and pilgrims consider it their privilege to utilize its services. The basic reason for the establishment of the institution of karwan-e-islami is to make available all facilities to the pilgrims at an affordable price.

Karwan-e-Islamai is the inventor of the concept of group pilgrims to the holy places. They have made the task of performing hajj rather easy.

Having seen this foolproof system of group pilgrims work satisfactorily, people at large call Karawan-e-Islami -- the caravan of caravans.

Mr. Muhammad Qadri is the chairman of Karawan-e-Islami and whatever he has done for his patrons on the basis of his experience is an example in itself.

He has introduced many new concepts and new trends. Umra, Hajj and pilgrimage to holy places in groups at affordable cost are only some of these. All these concepts when he put them in practice became extremely successful.

“Bachat Umrah Scheme” on easy installments is the fruit of his effort. In addition to this he is the originator and inventor of different schemes for Hajj and Umrah.

Organizing 'zikar' and ‘naat’ congregations in harmain shareef and Pakistan is the fruit of his effort. He has also organized the ballot system for free-of-cost performance of pilgrimage to holy places, Hajj and Umrah for the poor who have a burning passion for performing these but do not have the means.

Who we are

Mr. Muhammad Qadri in 1998 began his mission with the help of some of his sincere friends. The fruit of their effort was karavan-e-atrari which with all its dimensions in 2001 transformed itself into Karawan-e-Islami.

Since he was committed, dedicated, and hard working, he continued his successful journey which proved to be extremely useful for the pilgrims. In achieving success, his long experience came to his help.